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Public Address System (Wireless)

Public Address System (Wireless)


This PA system is completely wireless. It comprises of two 150 watt speakers, two wireless microphones and tripod stands for the speakers. It is also Bluetooth compatible to run off your device for back ground music.


The operating range is up to eighty meters. Both speakers have rechargeable batteries with around eight hours use before recharging is needed. The sound quality is fantastic and set up literally takes two minutes.


This system will quite comfortably address a crowd of up to 300 people.

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Our advertised rates are classed as a "Function Hire". This basically enables you to take equipment Friday and return on the following Monday for the minimum hire rate. We have hire rates for extended periods, please enquire about these.


See our page "Terms & Conditions" for any other information. All rates shown include 15% GST

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